You need a powerful online presence and we’re just the team to harness it.

We like to go above and far beyond

Apps for your business are an integral part so you can immensely improve your overall ROI.

We make you more proud of your business by creating app meeting not only full potential but also a lot more than that.

We help small businesses get up and sprinting

Website Development

Websites are a must part of your business our expert team will assist you fully in making your dream comes true.

Application Development

Here at Seventh Loop, we have highly creative and reliable resources for your mobile applications that meet your requirements with quiet care.

Hyper Casual Games

In the firm, we hired some industry exciting talent for creating amazing apps and games for Instant games. We have huge expertise in Puzzles games that people love playing.


Meet Mr. Mirza Zeeshan, our director with a great vision for the whole team. He believes in trust in his employees and ignites creative potential. Despite all, he is actually the leader personnel for us.

– Mirza Zeeshan @Finz.io & @Seventh Loop


Meet Mr. Abdus Samad, a thoughtful visionary for resources, and empowers our team with eclat words. He thinks every member is integral for the success of the team so the concept of team element is quite a value for us.

– Abdul Samad @Finz.io & @Seventh Loop

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